Transforming Instruction with Interactive Whiteboard Systems- An Overview

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Credit Hours: 15 CPEs
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This course will introduce you to the transformative possibilities that integrated whiteboard systems can have on your instruction. An integrated whiteboard system is comprised of many separate components from many companies, but when integrated into a whole system, it becomes a powerful instructional tool in the hands of a trained teacher. The first section of this course will provide a brief overview of different digital whiteboard systems and current research of their effectiveness in the classroom. The next section will build a strong foundation of skills necessary to successfully control the hardware and software used. These skills include basic operations, manipulating graphics and objects, overlay tools, and integrating peripheral products. The last section will show you how to integrate these skills into general lesson activities which you will then apply to create a lesson of your own. This course features 29 videos comprising over three hours of core video-based training, allowing you to see a credentialed teacher/ certified trainer actually using an integrated whiteboard system. The skills and their integration into general activities covered in this course are designed to be transferable to any hardware or software platform.

Please Note: Although having access to any brand of digital whiteboard is not required, it will greatly enhance your learning experience. Most of the software applications referenced are available as free downloadable trials and are compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Most lessons in this course demonstrate hardware and software features through the use of core and auxiliary online streaming videos. Core videos, which are embedded in the web page, have been created and professionally produced specifically for this course and feature a digital whiteboard system from SMART Technologies. Auxiliary videos, which can be accessed via web links, have been produced by others and feature different digital whiteboard systems.

Please read the course syllabus to fully understand the content and purpose for this course. Participants have a maximum of 105 days to complete the course.
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