Compliance Training Courses

Region 10 offers online Compliance Training Courses to provide an efficient and convenient method to satisfy state and federal requirements for teachers, administrators, and other district staff. The Compliance Training Bundle includes all currently required compliance courses, and is available at no additional cost to the staff in districts and charter schools who are members of the Title II Regional Cooperative Services.
Non-member districts and charters, including out of region districts, may purchase an annual license for the Compliance Training Bundle. Pricing is dependent upon district size. Individuals not employed by districts with access to the Compliance Training Bundle may participate in any of the Compliance Training Courses upon payment with credit or debit card.

For Districts not in the Title II Regional Cooperative Services

Districts not in the Title II Regional Cooperative Service may purchase an annual district site license for:
$750.00 per year for up to 4999 students enrolled.
$1500.00 per year for 5000 to 9,999 students enrolled.
$3000.00 per year for 10,000 to 24,999 students enrolled.
$5000.00 per year for 25,000 or more students enrolled.

Purchase orders can be faxed to Christine Ortiz, CEOP.
Phone: 972-348-1446
FAX: 972-348-1447

For questions regarding courses and pricing, please contact Lori Aden ( or call 972-348-1510.

For technical assistance with accessing online courses contact the Help Desk ( or call 972-348-1234.

Courses are Valid June 1 – May 31

Compliance courses will be reset annually on June 1. This will clear all enrollment from the new courses. Older courses will be archived and may be accessed with assistance from the Help Desk.

If You Need Technical Assistance

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