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Credit Hours: 9.0 CPE
Cost: $100

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Credit Hours: 9.0 CPE
This course is free to districts that are members of…

Credit Hours: 3.0 CPE
Cost: $60
Algebraic Reasoning: Working with Patterns of Predictable Change is designed to build content knowledge of…
Credit Hours: 14.0 CPE
Algebraic Thinking in Geometry is an online course that explores algebraic processes integrated with geometric…

Credit Hours: 3.0 CPE
Cost: $60
Foundations for Understanding Mathematics: Grades K-2 explains the issues that commonly cause students’ natural abilities…

Credit Hours: 3.0 CPE
Cost: $60
Our world is defined by space and spatial relationships of geometric shapes and elements. The…

Credit Hours: 45 CPEs
Cost: $350
Learn how to create effective classroom learning experiences to help students solve word problems successfully,…
Credit Hours: 6.0 CPEs
This online course addresses the new personal financial literacy strand in the Grades 6-8 mathematics…
Credit Hours: 2 CPE
This online professional development focuses on the content and strategies required for the Measurement and…
Credit Hours: 6.0 CPE
This course is intended only for the Duncanville ISD. There is a required enrollment key…
Credit Hours: 6.0 CPEs
Learn how to help students recognize patterns, make generalizations from those patterns and express generalizations…
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