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The objectives for Module 1 of the Texas Dyslexia Identification Academy are to define dyslexia, it's characteristics, and related disorders. Module 1 will also explore the common risk factors for dyslexia, explore the elements of reading, and review associated academic difficulties and conditions that may co-exist with dyslexia.

The objectives of Module 2 are to review the why and when for assessing dyslexia. Module 3 will also review the processes for dyslexia assessment, the identification of dyslexia, and related disorders.

The objective of Module 3 is to review the process of second language acquisition, research on the relative effectiveness of different language programs, the various types of orthography that exist around the world, and the benefits of bilingualism. Data gathering and formal evaluation, as well as, instructional programming for ELLs will also be reviewed.

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The following modules are included in this resource: Module 1: Dyslexia Foundations Module 2: Dyslexia Evaluation Module 3: Considerations for ELLs Module 4: Interpreting Scores Module 5: Report Writing and Case Studies Module 6: Dysgraphia TOT

Questions regarding content may be directed to Melanie Royal

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