Bloodborne Pathogens 2014-2015

The purpose of this module is to educate staff professionals about Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens and Exposure Control Plans in place to prevent the spread of these diseases.

CPE Credits: 2

Bullying Prevention for Administrators, Teachers, and Staff 2014-2015

Bullying is one of the most underrated yet enduring problems in schools today and is a reality in the lives of all children whether they are bullies, victims or witnesses. School administrators, teachers, and staff will quickly grasp what bullying is, how to respond to bullying, and how to prevent bullying from happening in their schools.
CPE Credits: 2

Let's Talk About It - Sexual Abuse and Maltreatment of Children 2014-2015

This course teaches individuals who work with children on a daily basis about the signs and symptoms of child abuse. Professionals will learn facts about child abuse, including the factors that indicate a child is at-risk, how to recognize physical and behavioral signs of the varying forms of child abuse, as well as many other important details for reporting. Texas Senate Bill 471 requires training as part of a new employee orientation to a school district or charter school. This training may also be provided annually to any professional staff member.