Engaging Parents Effectively to Remove Barriers to Learning

Fifty years of research continues to indicate the enormous effect that parental engagement with schools (in general) and in their child’s education (in particular), is an essential component of any quality educational process that greatly affects student outcomes in school and in life. Educators must be prepared to engage parents effectively, regardless of the topic, to remove all barriers to learning. This courses focuses on collaborating and communicating with parents to gain parental support. Participants learn research- and evidence-based communication skills, methodologies, and techniques to create effective 7-Step Plans based on the underlying principles of Safety, Order and Rights. Participants will learn about topics that matter the most to parents and the issues that most affect student outcomes, which are the likely reasons for engaging with parents. “Hot button” topics and how to have “crucial conversations” are covered. Participants will learn how to successfully set goals for all communications and will measure the outcomes of parental communications against subsequent student outcomes. Participants will learn how to keep communications respectful and goal-oriented, including how to overcome resistance and, if necessary, respectfully terminate communications that are not productive in that moment.

Please read the course syllabus to fully understand the content and purpose for this course. Participants will have a maximum of 105 days to complete the course.

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CPE Credit: 45 hours

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