Concussions: Everything You Need to Know 2017-2018

Texas Education Code, Chapter 38, Subchapter D requires each school district and open-enrollment charter school with students who participate in athletic activities to appoint a concussion oversight team. This team is required to establish a return-to-play/practice protocol following a force or impact believed to have caused a concussion.

This course is designed to give school personnel a thorough understanding of concussion-related matters.

This course consists of 11 required video lectures.

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This course is archived so no new enrollees are allowed but does remain accessible to all previous enrollees to allow participants access to their certificates of completion.

If your district is participating in the Region 10 ESC Compliance Bundle for 18-19, the new year courses will be available on July 1, 2018.

CPE Credits: 2

CPE CREDITTitle II Regional Cooperative Service