Navigating Moodle

Are you new to our Online Learning Center? These resources will explain how to navigate within our courses and how to use the Activity Completion boxes.

  •  Navigating Moodle

    User tours are built-in guided tours that appear on all course home pages and other specific to the type of page you are on. You can reset any tour and watch it again by clicking the link at the very bottom left corner of the page the tour was running on.

  • A course may require a media player plugin such as Flash or Quicktime, a PDF reader, and/or access to YouTube. If it does, the download links will be included in the course.

  • To complete a course you may need to disable your pop-up blockers (opens to a new window) in your browser. This document gives directions to disabling pop-up blockers in the more more common browsers on multiple platforms. 

  • Moving From One Activity to the Next

    You may use the breadcrumb trail located under the main navigation menu, i.e. Substitute Teacher Training: Classroom Management >  Preventive ... or the Table of Contents block located on the left panel to return to any part of the course, at anytime.

It’s not happening to all users but there are some instances where participants are trying to log in and it is only going to their OLC profile page. If you are one of these exceptions, at that point, you have to click the β€œUpdate Profile” button, which appears at the bottom of the edit profile page. This is a one time fix. This is due to some kind of change in the Moodle program activated with our last upgrade.

Close this window to return to the main course page.

Last modified: Friday, May 11, 2018, 12:21 PM